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Tropical Fish Club of Erie County - Buffalo, NY
CAOAC Convention 2004
CAOAC Convention 2004
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Check here to get info on the 2004 Canadian Association of Aquarium Club Convention
Fish Show

CAOAC Convention 2004

Show Classes



                        Class                                                    Sponsor

  • 1-Guppy, Male                         Brampton Aquarium Society
  • 2-Guppy, Female                                 Super Pet Burlington
  • 3-Swordtails                                         Vita Lucas
  • 4-Mollies                                              Kitchener Waterloo Aquarium Society
  • 5-AOV Livebearer                               Tony Bernard
  • 6-Family Livebearer                             Canadian Association of Aquarium Clubs
  • 7-Betta, Male                                       Hamilton & District Aquarium Society
  • 8-Betta Female                         Frank Hyodo & Noel Nathaniel
  • 9-Anabantids                                    Pat & Tom Bridges & Paul & Sally McFarlane
  • 10-Characins                                        Charlie and Janet Drew
  • 11-Barbs                                              Sarnia Aquarium Society
  • 12-Rainbows, Minnows & Rasboras    Ed Furtak, Danielle MacKay, Chris Mulhern
  • 13-Angels and Discus                           Ron Wentworth
  • 14-Killifish                                            Jim Robinson
  • 15-Sharks,Loaches & Eels                   Michael and Dorothy Daniels
  • 16-Corydoras & Brochis                      Jennifer and Samantha
  • 17-Suckermouth Catfish                       Udo Rohmann
  • 18-AOV Catfish                                   Bob Wright
  • 19-Native Fishes                                  Dave Boehm
  • 20-Cichlids-over 6                              Tropical Fish Room
  • 21-Cichlids-under 6-Mouthbrooding   Larry Johnson
  • 22-Cichlids-under6-Substrate Spawners         Tom Mason & Karl McCleary
  • 23-Goldfish & Koi                               Bill Raiser
  • 24-Family Egglayer                               Sarah Langthorne & Janis Risko
  • 25-AOV Fishes                                    St. Catherines Aquarium Society
  • 26-Junior                                              Durham Region  Aquarium Society
  • 27-Aquatic Plants                                 Peter Orphanos
  • 28-Photo Prints                                    Metro Recycling
  • 29-Arts and Crafts                               Willowdale Aquarium Society


Best of Show (all classes but, 6, 24, 28 and 29)      Tropical Fish Club of Erie County

Best Livebearer (classes 1 through 5, 26)              Big Als Aquarium Services Hamilton

Best Egglayer (classes 7 through 23, 25, 26)           Macs Antiques-Paul McIntosh

Champion of Champions                                         Tony Bernard

Challenge Award    (Hi Club Aggregate for year)     London Aquarium Society

Centennial Award (Hi Club Aggregate in Show) George Kardos





Class #

Species Name










































































Show Registry

Each entry will be levied a charge of $1 up to a maximum of $10.

CAOAC is not responsible for any fish in the show.  There will be conditioned water, air and a place to show your fish, please bring the proper equipment for your entries.

All air lines must have a stone and adjustment valve if being used.

If you require a tank larger than 10 gallons please notify the Show Chair so arrangements can be made.





Show Chairperson 

 Tony Bernard 905-772-2935 leave Message

E-mail @